Zann Carter:    Artist Statement


At first it's all about process: the rhythms of the spinning the weaving the knitting the crocheting the felting... endorphin bliss of process And then it's about transformation the unspun wool becoming the yarn becoming the object (all happening in my hands in my hands!) there are the lovely tools, the healing ritual of familiar movements a spell worked by repetition, falling completely under that spell, enchantment moving me through loss and world-sorrow into the sacred joyous space of creation happening often enough that i do these things again and again: spin weave knit crochet felt then it becomes about story unfolding before me story told by texture and form and color colliding, the trajectory of stitches, the way the fibers meet each other, intersect, join, move away again, leap and arc around spaces... sometimes the story is whole, sometimes there are only fragments, images that need poems to hold them, too, a feeling in the heart of my heart, pieces of a puzzle scattered, hints, clues to a mystery that will never be solved but wants simply to be. i make garments to wear in dreams and fairy tales, artifacts from a world permeated with magic and myth.