th' poetry asylum

invites you to commit yourself to subTerreanean 7.

an open mic in a book.

th' poetry asylum Project for National Poetry Month (April 2017)


DEADLINE for contributions: March 16, 2017
Think of this project as an open mic
 in a DIY card-cover handmade photocopied stapled booklet.
Instead of 5 minutes, you have one page - front and back.
The Project: To create 200 copies of  an anthology from area poets, writers and visual artists.
Each contributor will get 2 copies of the booklet.
100 copies will be distributed at Art Spaces, Inc. at the literary magazine event on April 28.
Remaining copies will offered for sale at $5 to offset cover printing, artist honorarium, etc.


1. Fill your one page, front and back, with:

     Your original poetry or poetic prose, flash fiction, brilliant thoughts, visual art

    Do it on your computer, write it by hand, collage it. Decorate it. Doodle in the margins.
    Leave at least a 1" to 1.25" margin on the left side of your 1st side( front)  and on the right side     of  your  2nd side (back.) That's where we'll be stapling.

2. Make sure your name is on it somewhere.  Include a little bio of yourself on the page, if you like.

3. Make 200 copies of your page. *
     Most do a black and white page, as color copies are expensive.
     Feel free to choose a colored or textured paper.

Turn in your original page as well as the 200 copies to Zann Carter on or before Thursday, March 16  (that is the March poetry reading  night.) They can be brought to the reading or dropped off  at
    ArtsIlliana (23 N. 6th Street, Terre Haute.) any weekday 10 - 4 p.m.

5. Come to the April 20 reading or the April 28 Literary Launch for the distribution of the booklet.

6. The coordinators reserve the right to respectfully decline pages that,  based solely on the coordinators' own subjective sensibilities, are outrageously vulgar or offensive.  Edgy is cool, taking us off a cliff is something  we're not up for.  If you have any doubts, we'll be happy to look at your page before you make copies.

Copyright will remain with individual authors. 

DEADLINE:  Thursday March 16, 2017

* Big Picture (608 North 13th Street) has again offered us a special copying price : .05 per page  includes copying both sides! 200 pages should be about $10 plus tax.   (This special price is for black-and-white only. Color copying is considerably more and not discounted.)
To take advantage of the special price, you must get your page into them no later than March 8.
Be sure to tell them it's for the 3rd Thursday Poetry Project.
If they are busy, you may have to leave your order for later pickup.

Project Co-ordinators: Zann Carter,  Sarah Long and Stacia O'Connell

Download pdf of guidelines here

Questions? Want to help collate?
 Contact Zann at zanncarter@gmail.com (preferred) or 812-236-2841