Hosted by Sarah Long and myself, Poetry at the Grounds began in October, 2008 and was an immediate success, with full tables most nights and sometimes standing room only.

This isn't a competitive event, a poetry slam (not that there's anything wrong with that!), but a community space for sharing original poetry as well as the work of poets we love. It's a supportive environment for poets of diverse ages, styles & skills and always inspiring and always fun!

Guidelines for Readers

-3 poems/ 5 minutes Total reading time
-Original poetry or favorite poems by others
-Material appropriate for all-ages venue
-Advance sign-up encouraged
call or email Zann Carter at:

**S U P P O R T T H E V E N U E***
*buy something to drink*

Help us publicize this poetry event! Download a pdf of the flyer here.

Our first project from the Poetry at the Grounds community:

an open mic in a book